SnowX Plowing and Ice Control

Are you ready for the Canadian winter? Do you need a snow property covering?

SnowX Plowing and Ice Control is a professional snow service that excels in superior winter performance.

The rigorous demands of Canadian winters demands a solid winter attack plan.

We use new, heavy duty winter snow equipment to get the snow cleared swiftly, effectively, and completely.

New to our fleet in 2017 is the F550 Turbo diesel equipped with a high capacity salter, and the most effective western wideout plow.

We also have a sidewalk utility vehicle machine that enables us to clear and salt sidewalks fast and effectively – even when the snow is deep.

The importance of new, heavy duty equipment is critical for time based snow clearing and ice control.


*24/7 Site monitoring for snow and ice management.
*Snow Plowing using sophisticated modern equipment.
*Salting and Ice management solutions
*Removal of snow off site
*Side walk cleaning, salting, quickly, and efficiently
*Hazard Prevention
*Fully Insured and licensed.

Health and Safety:

At SnowX we strive for workplace safety. Health and safety includes:

*Continuous Employee Safety Training and Protocols
*24/7Monitoring of Sites
*WSIB, and OHSA Compliant
*Fully Insured and Licensed
*Frequent On-Site Reports